BANK ACCOUNTS FOR HELP (dinar and foreign currency accounts of the Government of Serbia to help those in need): RSD account: 840-3546721-89. Purpose of payment: Removal of extraordinary circumstances – flooding.

Foreign currency Account: 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000, special purpose account for funds for elimination of consequences of floodsFor donations from abroad: Money transfer instructions can be found here.

The Government of Serbia has succeeded in opening PAYPAL account.

SMS number for donations (for all networks in Serbia, price 100 RSD): 1003

Current account for help (City of Belgrade): Special purpose account: 01-504103-100000300-000000-0000 – Grad Beograd – Sekretarijat za finansije. IBAN: RS35908504103000030058. Payment Instructions are on the website of the City of Belgrade, at

RED CROSS SERBIA – Payments from abroad: All instructions can be found at this link. Red Cross Serbia will announce in the media where they have directed their money. NDF Should you wish, you can also choose to donate to NDF via our paypall account. All the money we have received starting from yesterday, will be used for reconstruction of kindergartens and schools ruined in the floods. After Monday, we will have a clearer picture where the help is most needed and we will announce it via our channels. Please follow us for more updates.#SerbiaFloodReleif


The Ministry of the Interior Affairs has also established a call center through which all interested people willing to help, are able to obtain information in order to realise their contributions. The call center will be open 24 hours a week and will coordinate all actions with other governmental agencies.

The telephone numbers of the call center: + 381 11 312 0741 ,+ 381 11 312 0739, + 381 11 312 9939,+ 381 11 312 0742, + 381 11 312 0646, + 381 11 3148 474, + 381 11 3148 547, + 381 11 3613 321, + 381 11 3148 509, + 381 11 3148 517. You can also get information emailing to:

Information on individual initiatives can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #Serbiafloods and #poplave . We urge that these hashtags be used only for the purpose of help and information.