Basketball Legends at the Prime Minister of Serbia Reception

Basketball representatives of Yugoslavia, that in 1970. became the world champions in Ljubljana, as well the authors of the film „We Were the World Champions“, that speaks about that success, were recieved by the Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić, a day after the gala premiere of this film acomplishment.

The Prime Minister handed the golden generation the replicas of the medals they won on the World Championship in Basketball, in Ljubljana, 1970. In the name of former internationals captain Ivo Daneu gave the Prime Minister a ball with their signatures and a book by Aleksandra Miletic "Jazz basket" on which the script for the film was written.

„It was my absolute pleasure to host the legends of the Yugoslav sport which left a huge mark, not only in our sport, but also in building a stronger Yugoslavia back then. Keeping in mind that the public in these areas quickly forgets, I am proud on everyone that helps that the historical values are not forgotten“, said Dačić.