TV Series “The World Champions” Premier

TV series „The World Champions” , which tells the story about the history of domestic basketball, is to be broadcasted on National TV Station (RTS), on Sunday, 19th March, at prime time, 8 p.m.

The series is directed by Darko Bajic and it consists of 12 episodes. The cast led by Strahinja Blazic, Aleksandar Radojicic, Leon Lucev, Milos Bikovic, Marko Janketic , and others, received a significant boost with actors: Rade Serbedzija, Zarko Radic, Dragan Micalovic, Radivoje Bukvic and young actors Nevena Ristic and Slaven Doslo .

The story is set in 2001 during European Basketball Championship in Turkey and through the memories of main characters it also depicts past events and the winning of the very first gold medal in Ljubljana in 1970. Young journalist Nevena (Nevena Ristic) is given a task to do a documentary story about the history of domestic basketball, which should be broadcasted after the Championship in Turkey.

She doesn’t know anything about basketball, but her grandfather (Rade Serbedzija) , a very important character of this story, refers her to only one person – “the father of famous Yugoslav basketball school” - Nebojsa Popovic (Zarko Radic) .

Along with Nevena’s personal life we also follow this important interview with Nebojsa. Through his vivid memories we are introduced to the beginnings of basketball game in our country, the formation of the national team, successes as well as to his friendship with another three very significant persons in domestic basketball, Radomir Saper, Bora Stankovic and Aleksandar Nikolic .