"We Will Be The World Champions" Is Selected Into Milan Film Festival

The film „We Will Be The World Champions“, produced by „Intermedia Network“ and directed by Darko Bajic is selected into the program of “Exsport Movies & Tv 2015” in Milan, Italy.

Selection commission has chosen Serbian film as selected into “EXSPORT MOVIES & TV 2015 – 33rd MILANO INTERNATIONAL FICTS FEST”, special edition – on the occasion of the Universal Exposition EXPO Milano 2015 - of the traditional event dedicated to Television, Cinema, Communication and Sport Culture organized in the framework of “World FICTS Challenge” Worldwide Championship of Cinema and Sport Television articulated in 16 Festivals that carried out in the 5 Continents.

The event will be held in Milan from 27th October to 1st November 2015. „We Will Be The World Champions“ will be screened in the Section “MOVIES” . “Exsport Movies & Tv” is organized by FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs, recognized by the International Olympic Committee for which it promotes the sport values through footages in 113 Member Countries.