"See You in Montevideo!" Domestic Release 15th January

Premiere of the film "See You in Montevideo!", directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić will be held on January 15th in Belgrade's „Sava Center“, it was announced on the cast and crew hang out with the media organized by the production company "Intermedia Network".

„We wanted to do something nice and big, and now we can all agree that "Montevideo" has become synonymous with something nice and humane, as all of us, especially in Serbia, still missing. That's why I'm proud of all of us, said director Dragan Bjelogrlić.

"To make such a film in the material, spiritual and emotional crisis is an accomplishment. You can expect a spectacle which is rare in Hollywood, because they film by the template, and we made a unique film, said Miloš Biković who plays Aleksandar Tirnanić.

"In Hollywood, we were accustomed to the fact that sequels are worse than the first part. I had a similar belief when we started filming. Film is the driving force of something beautiful and great. We need to put out darkness. Our greatest reward is not popularity and fees, but that we can help others through humanitarian actions, "said Viktor Savić, film captain Milutin Ivković Milutinac.