“See You in Montevideo” TV Series Starts Airing On National TV

The third season of the TV series “See you in Montevideo”, based on a true story about the biggest sport success in 1930, with 11 new episodes, starts airing this Sunday, April 6th, on National TV (RTS1), was announced on the press conference organised by Radio-television of Serbia and the production house “Intermedia Network”.

Directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić, by the script of Ranko Božić and Dimitrije Vojnov, eleven new episodes made in the production of “Intermedia Network”, will feature three key football matches that our representation played against Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay.

“The very fact that we are talking about more than 7 hours of material in comparison to the film, tells us that we should expect something completely different than the actual film. In the series we will see the same story, but told in a completely different way. It will have several new plots. The series will, unlike the film, also feature scenery and plots from Belgrade, how the results of the games were followed, how the heroes got to know the news, how they celebrated, how they handled defeats and we will also have that big welcome of the football players in Belgrade. We made two different scripts for the film and the series, and so the film is narrative, dramaturgic, directing and editing completely different from the series,”  said Dragan Bjelogrlić.

The previous two seasons “Montevideo, God bless you” (9) and “On the road to Montevideo” (9) had a high viewership rating and gained the favor of the home crowd and TV viewers in the region.