"We Will Be the World Champions" Starts Filming

Intermedia Network is proud to announce the filming of another sports story based on true events which is dedicated to basketball. The Film and TV series “We Will Be the World Champions”, which is about founders of a famous “Yugoslavian basketball school” and the very first gold medal won at Basketball World Championship in Ljubljana, 1970, started filming in Belgrade.

Director of this amazing and nostalgic story is Darko Bajic, the script was written by Nebojsa Romcevic in cooperation with Gordan Mihic and Ognjen Svilacic. The idea for the script originally came from Zvonimir Simunec who is also the author and, together with Dejan Petrovic, the producer of this significant project.

Young and very talented domestic actors are in the main roles of basketball pioneers.The leading role of Nebojsa Popovic, “the first among equals” who started “basketball boom” in former Yugoslavia is given to talented Strahinja Blazic. Milos Bikovic interprets Radomir Saper, PhD and president of Basketball Federation of Yugoslavia. Aleksandar Radojicic takes the role of Borisav Stankovic, later to become the first man of International Basketball (FIBA) and Marko Janketic portreys Aleksandar Nikolic, the coach who established the specific philosophy of basketball.

In other roles are actors from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia, some of them are: Leon Lučev, Sergej Trifunović, Iva Babić, Nebojša Dugalić, Nina Janković, Tamara Dragičević, Stefan Kapičić, Jure Henigman, Radovan Vujović, Toni Mihajlovski and many others.

The film and TV series “We Will Be the World Champions” will be shooting at various locations in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia.