John Savage Starring in “We Will Be the World Champions”

American actor John Savage, best known for his roles in cult films like “Hair” and “The Deer Hunter", will play in Serbian film and TV series “We Will Be the World Champions”, directed by Darko Bajic and produced by Intermedia Network.

Savage will take the role of William Jones who was one of the founders of Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur (FIBA), in 1932 and served as first Secretary-General from 1932 until 1976, when Bora Stankovic succeeded him (played by Aleksandar Radojicic). Jones’s contribution to the rise of Yugoslav basketball is immeasurable, primarily because he recognized our four men as the people far beyond the area they come from.

He used to come in Yugoslavia very often. He appreciated Aleksandar Nikolic (played by Marko Janketic) as one of European best coaches and Borisav Stankovic, Radomir Saper(played by Milos Bikovic) and Nebojsa Popovic (played by Strahinja Blazic) as prominent officials of FIBA. He decided to entrust the conduct of world basketball to Stankovic.

Jones got his PhD at the same college (Springfield) where James Naismith invented basketball. He was elected to Naismith’s Hall of Fame, in 1964, as the first foreigner who was awarded this honor. Bora Stankovic received the same award in 1991, as the first foreigner who was not educated in the United States.