The film “We Will Be the World Champions” Finishes Filming

The film “We Will Be the World Champions” finished filming with the last scenes made at Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade. A story about the founders of famous Yugoslavian school of basketball and winning the very first gold medal in history of Yugoslavian basketball was filmed in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia.

Director Darko Bajic shared his impressions about filming:

“It was my great pleasure to work with the whole crew. We made best efforts and gave maximum results thanks to the great production of Intermedia Network that provided us with satisfactory filming conditions, so I am sure we will have a good film.

It was our obligation to make a story about big historic success of basketball representation and also to present four main characters Nebojsa Popovic, Bora Stankovic, Radomir Saper and Aleksandar Nikolic who created basketball game not only in this region, but also in Europe. The film is about time of ideals when we all, together with our film heroes, believed our dreams would come true. It is about people full of energy and enthusiasm who believed in themselves and also in others and who finally fulfilled their dreams.

As a director my big challenge was to make a good connection between the '40s and the '70s, a period of almost 30 years long. Spectacular scenes of basketball matches with hundreds of extras were challenging too. We made every effort to depict the atmosphere of the former basketball competition. We aimed to introduce young actors with significant historic persons. During filming the actors fell in love with characters they were portraying and it is something that will be definitely seen on the screen.”

The shooting of TV series will be continued soon, while domestic release of the film is planned to be at the beginning of 2015.