Gala Premiere of "We Will Be the World Champions"!

Sold-out Belgrade gala premiere of “We Will Be the World Champions“ directed by Darko Bajić and produced by “Intermedia Network”, was held on February 26th in “Sava Centar”. The glamorous event was made complete with red carpet featuring popular young actors, film crew as well as basketball legends who were greeted by hundreds of enthusiastic fans.

After the inaugural screening of the film, nearly 4,000 invitees saluted the cast and crew with standing ovations. Toghether with main roles StrahinjaBlažić, Miloš Biković, Aleksandar Radojičić, Marko Janketić, director Darko Bajić , Hollywood star John Savage, and other members of the film cast and crew, spectators also saluted ex basketball stars Dragan Kapičić, Nikola Plećaš, Petar Skansi, Rato Tvrdić, Srđa Kalember as well as the father of Yugoslav basketball and longtime member of International Basketball Federation FIBA Bora Stanković.

Among the attendees were Vanja Udovicic, Minister of youth and sport and Ivan Tasovac, Minister of Culture, as well as numerous government officials, foreign diplomats, regional sportsmen and artists.