The promotion at the cinema „Balkan“ initiated by the “Charity association for the preservation of Dorcol“, was the first step in the realization of the idea in preserving the merits of the oldest part of the city. Actor Dragan Vujic Vujke made an introduction  on the issue by reciting segments from the novel „Dorcol Business“, by Ilija Stanojevic. After this intro guests have seen a short film with reference to Dorcol. Some words were also given by Svetlana Velmar Jankovic, author of the novel „Dorcol“ and Milan St. Protic the writer of the future documentary series about Dorcol. The program ended with “Bajaga i instruktori” who performed their song „Zmaj od Nocaja“ which has a symbolic reference to one of the streets in Dorcol.