The book of Vladimir Stankovic, recognizable sport journalist for many years, “Montevideo, God Bless You!” was promoted and supported by numbered audience in Belgrade bar „O.U.R.“

Documentary and literary first-born book of Vladimir Stankovic which is about historical success of football representatives of Kingdom of Yugoslavia on the First Cup in Montevideo(Uruguay) in 1930, will be in sale from 23rd of April 2010.

The members of the family of ex football players were at promotion as well as some national football legend as Dragan Dzajic, Vladimir Petrovic Pizon, Mile Kos and others, vice president of Football Association of Serbia Ivan Curkovic and famous basketball player Vlade Divac.

“One idea became the reality. The group of enthusiastic gathered around the whole project of production company Intermedia Network, like 80 years ago did Professor Mihajlo Andrejevic and with his partners. They had had a vision when they started long journey as we have it today also. I had some problems to find the recourses of information. Fortunately, there are some books and magazines where I found enough materials to describe the events we should be proud of,” said Vladimir Stankovic. 

After Belgrade promotion, the book “Montevideo, God Bless You!” of Vladimir Stankovic, was presented to audience in Novi Sad in beautiful club “Giardino”.

The honor to open the promotion was given to eminent journalist from Novi Sad Jovan Tanardzic, and greater surprise of the event was the medal won by Yugoslav football team in Montevideo in 1930 which was brought by the members of Kosta Hadzi family, his son and his grandson. Kosta Hadzi lived in Novi Sad and he was in delegation of famous representatives in Montevideo. The president of Football Association of Serbia Tomislav Karadzic addressed to the audience. The whole project “Montevideo, God Bless You!” is supported by Football Association of Serbia.