At Museums Night manifestation held for the seventh time in many Serbian towns on 15th of May the part of exhibition of “Montevideo, God Bless You!” project was presented too in Olympic Museum in Belgrade that night. 

Olympic champions, honored sportsmen and representatives of Olympic Committee of Serbia came in Olympic Museum where the programme of exhibition was to promote 100 years of Olympics in Serbia and 80 years of the first participation of domestic football representation at World’s Championships. The exhibition of “Montevideo, God Bless You!” project was among the others exhibitors in Olympic Museum in Belgrade that night. 

The project that unifying the book of sport journalist Vladimir Stankovic, film feature and TV serial, documentary, monograph and exhibition, presents the way to commemorate 80 years of the First FIFA World Cup, and yet again, more than that: it has been eight decades since both Yugoslav and Serbian national football team made the best achievement at a championship – 3rd place at the FIFA World Cup in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1930.

The visitors of “Montevideo, God Bless You!” project had an occasion to see the part of future big exhibition and among old photographs affirming the glory of national football, they had an opportunity to see the medal that our representatives bring from First World Cup in Montevideo as well as replica of football dress kit and ball from 1930, that had been used as costume and part of scenography in film and TV serial.