Filming begins on Montevideo, God Bless You: Story II

Shooting the second part of the Montevideo, God Bless You film began on a ship specifically created and designed for the sole purposes of filming.

The sequel follows the departure of our representatives to the Montevideo World Cup and their two-week journey to Uruguay and for this exclusive intent a magnificently built ship of about 1000m2  impressively stands out among the Vojvodina fields, near the small village of Baranda, not far away from Belgrade.

The ship has been constructed according to the idea of architect Nemanja Petrovi ć and its’ realization made possible by the production company responsible for the film and TV series, Intermedia Network.

The newly assembled ship represents a replica of the oceanic postal liner, the Florida that took the Yugoslavian football players from the Marseille harbor over the ocean to Uruguay. For most of the representatives, travelling by sea was a first and an experience that was later to be retold as a legendary tale.