Theatrical release of the film Montevideo, Taste of a Dream

Theatrical release of the feature film “Montevideo, Taste of a Dream” will be held on 20th of December in Belgrade Center “Sava”. 

The film which is about football heroes from 1930’s is produced by Intermedia Network, directed by Dragan Bjelogrlic and screenplay is by Srdjan Dragojevic.

Along with the famous Serbian actors like Vojin Cetkovic, Nikola Djuricko, Milutin Karadzic and others, this film introduces us to a whole new generation of young actors such as Milos Bikovic, Petar Strugar, Danina Jeftic, Nina Jankovic and others.





Belgrade, spring of 1930…

Tirke is a boy from Čubura that is forced to choose between a factory job and football. After a series of tough decisions, he stays faithful to his true love – football. Back in the days, you couldn’t earn a living by playing football – but you could live for football. In Belgrade, only Moša Marjanović gets payed for every goal he makes, but that’s only Moša…

At the same time, an official letter of invitation arrives at the address of the National Football Association stating that the team has been invited to compete in the First World Football Championship that is to be held in the summer of 1930.

The choice of engineer Boško Simonović as team coach is being ridiculed and mocked by the public and earns him the nickname Boža Dunst (amateur). Team practice kicks off and preparing a team that nobody is giving any chances.