Original title: Zvezda je rođena

Produced by: Intermedia Network (Serbia)
Writer & Director: Vanja Kovacević
Director of photography: Pablo Ferro Živanović
Music: Writers of Fiction
Editor: Marko Simić and Vanja Kovačević

Genre: Music documentary; Running time: 75min; Format: 35mm / color; Sound: Dolby Digital; Release date: 2010;


Ivana Smololovic / Miloš Popovic / Ivan Puzović / Ivan Pavlović / Marija Jovanović / Aleksandar Šišic/ Nikola Berček / Nemanja Aćimović / Vanja Kovačević / Band The Decemberists / Nevena Glušica / Tomislav Grujić / Anto Đurović / Aleksandar S.Janković / Pavle Veljković / Ivan Lončarević / Band Ika / Band Jarboli / Band Repetitor / Band Shiroko


This is a film about fulfilling dreams. This is a film about winning the battle against yourself.
Vanja is 29 years old, she is a professional filmmaker, and she has nothing to do with the music business or the profession in general, apart from being a huge fan of her favourite performers. She will form a tribute to an American band “The Decemberists”, whose song “I Was Meant For the Stage” inspired her. She booked a concert before she ever sat behind a drum set and long before her band ever existed. The film follows the entire process - from the idea, organizing the audition, forming the band, all through her struggle with learning, practising hard and reaching her ultimate goal - playing the concert at the end. The mindset of the documentary is to show the enthusiasm that youth holds within its’ age and how each individual can truly achieve whatever one may put his or her mind to, as long as the heart is in the right place.

Ambition knows no boundaries. The theme of the film is dreams. Dreams that become desires. And the will to make these dreams come true. The context? Music. The lesson? Rhythm.


22nd Alpe Adria Trieste Film festival (2011) – Walls of Sound Programme Selection
5th Cinema City International Film Festival (2011) – Planet Rock Programme Selection
3rd Beldocs (2010) – Best Film in Regional Selection
57th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (2010) – Best Editing (Marko Simić and Vanja Kovačević)
8th Zagreb Film Festival (2010) – Main Programme for Documentary Film
16th Sarajevo International Film Festival (2010) - Official Selection (International premiere)