An exhibition “2004 Olympic Games – 11 Greek Painters Create for Maroussi” was presented in the gallery “Konak Kneginje Ljubice”, in Belgrade from 20th to 28th September 2005. This cultural event was organized by Intermedia Network in a cooperation with the Olympic Municipality of Maroussi, under auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Greece. Within the Cultural Olympics, the exhibition was touring the Olympic cities and it consisted  of 22 works of 11 Greek contemporary painters. 
The exhibition was opened by the Secretary of Culture of the Olympic Municipality of Maroussi, Dr Nicolas Dusis-Rasias. On this occasion, Mr. Dusis-Rassias awarded the prizes to Intermedia Network and Channel 3 of the Serbian National Television for popularization of the Olympic Municipality of Maroussi and for spreading the Olympic spirit during the Olympic Games in Athens.


Panayiotis Gravalos, Vlassis Kaniaris, Chistos Karas, Nikos Kessanlis, Giannis Migadis, Chronis Botsloglou, Dimitris Mytaras, Pavlos Dionisopulos, Kostas Tsoklis, Alekos Fassianos and Giannis Psychopedis, eminent contemporary artists who supported the idea of the local Greek self-administration that art should not always be associated with elitism, but it can become a part of everyday social life.
The works were made using different techniques, from oil on canvas through acryl, to mixed techniques. However, each piece of art supports one idea, universal for all cultures and nations – the idea of the Olympic spirit and togetherness.