Written and directed by: Kokan Mladenovic
Executive production: Intermedia Network and MTS
Premiere: Sava Centre, Belgrade, 27th January 2006
Broadcast: live on the Channel 2 of the Serbian National Television

Production companies Intermedia Network and MTS produced a traditional “Saint Sava Academy” on Saint Sava’s day in “Sava Centre”, under auspices of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia.

“This year’s celebration of the day of Saint Sava’s, schools’patron saint, is a work of a young creative team who regard the first Serbian archbishop as a person who, at the time he lived,  had very modern and progressive views and was a brave leader and forerunner. The celebration programme will be of both national and universal character, in the tone which Saint Sava gave to the Serbian culture. By creating a link between traditional and modern elements, on this occasion we wish to produce new works, which will describe Saint Sava in a new way and contribute to the wealth of the Saint Sava’s heritage.”

By Kokan Mladenovic, Writer and Director


Writer and Director: Kokan Mladenovic
Composer: Zoran Hristic
Production Designer: Geroslav Zaric
Costume Designer: Bojana Nikitovic
Sound: Slobodan Markovic 



Aleksandra Slađana Milosevic with band and Divna Ljubojevic
The band  „Vroom“, headed by Marko Grubic, with Pavle Aksentijevic and the band „Zapis“
Nikola Hadzi Nikolic, with the band „Negativ“ and KUD Krsmanac
Choirs: “Radio Beograd”, “Lola” and “Spanac” 
Band „Izvor“ from Kosjeric
Sonja Coko, young singer    

The masters of ceremony were Kalina Kovacevic and Nenad Jezdic. The actor Petar Banicevic and his youngest colleagues - Jovana Milovanovic, Vojislav Ristic and Lazar Milosevic also add importance to this celebration as special guests.