Original title: Crni Gruja i kamen mudrosti
Produced by: BS Group, Intermedia Network (Serbia), Media Net (Serbia)
Director: Marko Marinković
Screenplay: Aleksandar Lazić, Rade Marković and Jovan Popović
Director of photography: Nebojša Bašić
Production designer: Kiril Spaseski
Costumes: Boris Čakširan
Editor: Branislav Godić

Genre: Comedy; Running time: 97min; Format: 35mm / Super 16mm / color;Sound: Dolby Digital; Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1; Release date: January 2007;


Nenad Jezdić / Nikola Kojo / Boris Milivojević / Marinko Madžgalj / Zoran Cvijanović / Dragan Jovanović / Dragan Bjelogrlić / Petar Božović / Dragan Nikolić / Voja Brajović


While the Turkish Empire prepares a strong military response to a small but loud Serbian uprising, power-conflicts among local leaders Karađorđe and other ambitious Serbs increase, as usual. It becomes of highest priority to know how to make the very right move, which is something that requires a good portion of wisdom...
Assisted by a witch, Karađorđe finds out that, according to a legend, there is a special Stone of Wisdom somewhere in the hills. The Stone makes you wiser if you hit your head against it three times. So, he hires his relative Black Gruya and his servants Čeda Velja and Bole to go and get the Stone for him.
Black Gruya does in fact find the stone, but, convinced of its magic powers, decides to make a business of it…and so the turmoil begins: the stone does indeed bring about many fortunes, but also causes a series of unexpected twists, which put Black Gruya into a lot of trouble.


In the year 2007, Black Gruya and The Stone of Wisdom was a box office hit in Serbia with over 130 000 tickets sold, making it the most viewed film in the country at the time.