Produced by: Intermedia Network (Serbia), Channel 3 (Serbian National Television)
Director: Darko Bajić
Format: Daily Entertainment TV Show
Number of Episodes: 22
Duration: 120min (each)
Broadcast: Live, August 2004


During the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, Intermedia Network cooperated with Serbias National Television, Channel 3 and produced a daily entertainment show. The show was broadcasted live from Athens every day during 22 days of the Olympic Games. Rejoicing included attention-grabbing and informative stories from Greek history, culture and entertainment as well as exclusive interviews with famous national and international sports figures, Greek celebreties, Olympic Committee officials etc.

Also, concerts of famous Serbian musicans were broadcasted, such as: Jovan Maljković and Balkan Salsa Band, soloists of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Željko Joksimović and Ad Hock Ochestra, Texas Band, Sanja Ilić and Balkanica, Luis and Fejat Sejdić brass band, Riblja Čorba, Van Gogh etc who were all representatives of Serbian culture at the Serbian House in Athens.