Original title: Prvaci sveta

Broadcast:19th March 2016

Number of episodes: 12

TV Station: National Television of Serbia

Produced by: Intermedia Network

Directed by: Darko Bajić

Producer: Dejan Petrović

Creative producer and coproducer: Zvonimir Šimunec

Executive producer: Balša Đogo

Writing credits: Nebojša Romčević, Goran Svilačić, Gordan Mihić, Branka Grbić

Director of photography: Zoran Jovanović

Music by: Zoran Kiki Lesandrić

Costume design by: Dragica Laušević

Edit by: Filip Dedić


Strahinja Blažić, Žarko Radić, Leon Lučev, Rade Šerbedžija, Nevena Ristić, Aleksandar Radojičić, Miloš Biković, Marko Janketić, Dragan Mićanović, Radivoje Bukvić, Sergej Trifunović, Slaven Došlo, Iva Babić, Nebojša Dugalić, Jure Henigman, Goran Bogdan, John Savage, Tamara Dragičević, Nina Janković, Stefan Kapičić, Igor Kovač, Robert Kurbaša, Krešimir Petar Ćosić, Lazar Ristovski, Katarina Čas...


The story is set in 2001 during European Basketball Championship in Turkey when our representation won important gold medal, but it also follows some past events that lead us to the winning of the very first gold medal, in Ljubljana, in 1970.

Young journalist Nevena (Nevena Ristic) is given a task to do a documentary story about the history of domestic basketball, which should be broadcasted after the Championship in Turkey. She doesn’t know anything about basketball, but her grandfather(Rade Serbedzija), a very important character of this story, refers her to only one person – “the father of famous Yugoslav basketball school” - Nebojsa Popovic(Zarko Radic).

Along with Nevena’s personal life we also follow this big interview with Nebojsa. Through his vivid memories we are introduced to the beginnings of basketball game in our country, the founding of basketball club “Crvena Zvezda”, the formation of the national team and the first successes. Through his memories we are also introduced to his friendship with another three very respectable persons in domestic basketball - Radomir Saper, Bora Stankovic and Aleksandar Nikolic. Through the story about their friendship and their professional and private experiences Nevena learns something more about completely different way of life during the communism.

Central person of Nebojsa’s memory is ex-Yugoslav major who had a task to keep and control players and representation and who often had a conflict with them. Actually, he is Nevena’s grandfather, Dane Stukalo, a retired general nowadays. Due to this fact Nevena has a problem to finish the interview with Nebojsa.

But, on the end, Dane Stukalo and Nebojsa Popovic meet up again after 30 years. Our story stopped here and in 1970 when our representation won the very first gold medal in Ljubljana. Next serial of another 12 episodes will show us the history of basketball from 1970 to present days.